• WiDom Dimmer

WiDom Dimmer

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With the WiDom Dimmer you get the possibility to integrate existing switchable and dimmable electric installations such as lighting or ceiling fans into your Z-Wave network. Thus, the connected load can be switched and dimmed via Z-Wave or with your existing toggle or momentary switch. 

Make your lamps smart with the WiDom Dimmer. The following types of lamps can be controlled by the WiDom Dimmer:

- Traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs

- Dimmable energy-saving CLF fluorescent bulbs

- Dimmable LED bulbsDimmable Low voltage bulbs with transformer

The compact radio module is placed in a wall box right behind the normal switch. The switch is no longer directly connected to the load but acts as an input device for the WiDom Dimmer that is controlling the load. The switch only sends control signal to the insert which controls the load. With your gateway you also can define different times when the lamps shall turn ON or OFF.

 With the LED you get feedback directly if the electrical connections are correct. Thus the installation is much more easy. Furthermore the WiDom Dimmer acts as a repeater and increases the reliability of your Z-Wave network.


- Flush-mounted trailing edge Z-Wave Dimmer

- Integrates existing installations (lighting, ceiling fans) into the Z-Wave network

- Suitable for different lamp types (halogen, LED, CLF fluorescent, etc.)

- Works with every type of switch

- Even with small loads, there will be no flickering

- Power supply: 110 - 230V, 50/60Hz

- Power consumption: < 1W

- Maximum load: 300W

- Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus

- Dimensions: 37x37x17mm

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