• Homee Z-Wave Cube

Homee Z-Wave Cube

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With Z-Wave Cube as a supplement to your Brain Cube you can control hundreds of smart home devices which use Z-Wave technology. Currently, more than 400 manufacturers are using Z-Wave technology in their devices, and more than 1700 of them are already available on the market today.

You could use Z-Wave Cube to control your blinds and roller shutters by making them smart with the Fibaro Roller Shutter2 insert switch. You can define times when heating should be tuned to any chosen comfort temperature, saving you money on heating - this is no problem with the Danfoss LC-13 radiator thermostat. 

Via our Homee grams, radiator thermostats can automatically be switched off once a window is opened, helping you to prevent energy waste.

If security is your concern, you can add devices such as smoke detectors to your home, which alert you via push notification of fire or smoke, while also opening the blinds and turning on lights in order to create escape routes. Once you leave your apartment, you can enable Homee grams alerting you if one of your door, window or motion sensors detect an unexpected event during your absence.

Additionally, you could control an alarm siren like the Aeotec Siren. 


Works only with the Homee brain together

Easy installation & control by app

Integrate ZWave components to your network like Danfoss, Fibaro, Aeontech, NodOn 

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