• Philio Z-Wave Outdoor Siren

Philio Z-Wave Outdoor Siren

  • Brand: PHILIO
  • Product Code: PHIEPSE04
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The Philio Outdoor Siren (PSE04) is a battery-operated, wireless outdoor siren, generating a loud 100 decibel sound and strobe light to provide visible and audible alerts to warn you of possible burglars, emergencies, and safety incidents. The PSE04 outdoor siren is a simple, small and elegance Z-Wave siren with six different sounds that you can use as a doorbell or burglar alarm. Thanks to the holder on the back, you can hang the siren anywhere.


- Z-Wave Plus V2 (700 series)

- RF distance: max. 40m indoor, max. 100m outdoor (with line of sight)

- RF power: Max. +10dBm (peak value)

- Support: Z-Wave SDK 7.13.5

- Rating: 6VDC (4 x AA Battery)

- Battery lifetime: Up to 5 years

- IP classification: IPX4 (outdoor/Indoor use)

- Operation temperature: -20 to 55° C

- Humidity: max. 85% RH

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