• FL08 - Sports Link

FL08 - Sports Link

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Sports Link is a wireless A / V emission kit best suited for football lovers. 
It allows the transmission of A / V signals from signal sources such as satellite receivers, digital decoders, PC, etc. 
Includes IR extension incorporated.


Sports Link is a product that lets you watch your favorite movie or satellite channel on any television in your home, without buying a video recorder or additional satellite receiver or cable TV boxes, and without having to run cables from a To another.

Technical information

Range: up to 100m in open field (depends on local conditions); 
Frequency of transmission of video signal: 2.4GHz; 
Frequency of transmission of the IR signal: 433MHz; 
Inputs / outputs of signal A / V: 3xRCA per equipment.

Package content

The kit includes: 
1x Issuer; 
1x Receiver; 
2x RCA cables; 
2x Scart Adapters; 
1x IR Extension; 
1x Audio Adapter (3.5mm -> RCA); 
Power supplies.

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