• X10 GD18 Wireless Gas Detector

X10 GD18 Wireless Gas Detector

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  • Wireless Detector for LPG, carbon monoxide and natural gas.
  • This unit can work standalone as a indicator of an inadequate gas concentration, lunching an alarm through its strong internal siren (85 db)
  • The GD-18 also can operate with the Protector+ security console (SC28E), Homeguard, Safeguard & Totalguard for remote alert trough a phone call.
  • Test button.

Recommended Installation Locations

Mount the detector on the wall or cabinet about 30cm above the ground for LPG or, about 30cm below the ceiling for carbon monoxide gas and natural gas use. The ventilation hole should be installed facing downwards.

General limitations

Install the detector securely to avoid impact and drop. Prevent dust and oil from entering the detector as this could block the ventilation slots and cause the detector to malfunction. Do no install the gas detector near hot, humid and oily sources. Do not install the gas detector near windows or fans where a gas leak can be quickly dispersed

Using the Gas detector

Plug the flying lead of the detector into a 230V/50Hz wall socket. The equipment needs 3--5 minutes for the sensor to begin functioning. The green LED will light up in normal mode.

Alarm operation

When the Gas detector detects an ignitable gas, three short alarm beeps will sound at intervals until the ignitable gas has disappeared. If the detector is malfunctioning, a single alarm beep will sound continuously. The red LED will flash in conjunction with the alarm beep. I.e., the red LED will flash during a gas alarm and a low battery mode alarm.

Testing the Detector

To ensure the correct functioning of the detector, it is recommended to test the detector on a monthly basis. The detector can either be checked by using the ‘test’ button on the side of the detector.

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