• Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor GEN5

Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor GEN5

  • Brand: AEON LABS
  • Product Code: AEO_ZW089
  • Availability: 17
  • 39.06 €

  • 3 or more 35.28 €

  • 5 or more 32.76 €

Recessed Door Sensor is a new small and compact Z-Wave sensor, that tells you and your Z-Wave network if a door is open or closed. It is nearly invisible, as the sensor is installed with the help of a slight drill hole hidden away on the top of your door.

Installing Recessed Door Sensor is easy, as you only have to add it to your home’s network activating its battery and associating it with your Z-Wave system. When included securely the device is able to accept secure commands and to send secure commands to other devices. The commands and the receiver of the commands sent out on single click and on double click of the rocker can be defined in configuration parameters and association groups.

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